Feds intercept nearly 53,000 illegal Chinese gun parts in Los Angeles

The stocks, muzzles and other parts were packed in their own containers on 3 ships that also carried household items, apparel, toys, and machinery.

U.S. officials have intercepted and seized almost 53,000 illegal Chinese gun parts in three separate shipments at the port of Los Angeles/Long Beach.

The seized items included gun sights, stocks, muzzles and other parts worth a total of more than $378,000. The parts were intercepted in recent weeks, according to law enforcement sources familiar with the matter, and were packed in their own cargo containers on three separate ships that were also carrying household items, apparel, toys, industrial machinery and other imports.

Customs and Border Protection officers seized the shipments and consulted ATF agents, who confirmed that the firearm parts violated an embargo against Chinese weapons.

“This interception underscores the successful collaboration between CBP officers, import specialists and ATF investigators,” said LaFonda Sutton-Burke, CBP port director of the L.A./Long Beach Seaport.

Federal regulations restrict the importation of gun parts from certain countries, including China.

Carlos C. Martel, CBP director of field operations in L.A., said the seizure was an “exceptional example” of the vigilance of CPB officers. Said Martel, “The Chinese Arms Embargo is just one of the hundreds of regulations CBP enforces, ensuring the safety and security of our country.”