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Hidden Gems To Discover In Italy

Italy’s most popular destinations—Rome, Venice, Florence, the Cinque Terre—are endlessly alluring, but in peak summer months they can be crowded and expensive as well. The country’s classic attractions—great art, architecture, food, wine, medieval villages and beautiful country landscapes—can be found outside its famous spots, but where are the best places to go that are affordable […]


DoorDash Reveals Its New Tipping Policy After Customer Outrage

The delivery app came under fire earlier this summer after a report shed light on delivery workers’ hectic jobs. A month after a news report shed light on its problematic tipping policy, food delivery app DoorDash has developed a new system to ensure that customers’ tips actually go to delivery drivers. Tony Xu, DoorDash’s chief […]


U.S. Added 500,000 Fewer Jobs Since 2018 Than Previously Thought

New Labor Department revisions complicate the Trump administration’s message of a strong economy The U.S. job market isn’t quite as strong as originally believed — with revised figures showing that the economy had 501,000 fewer total jobs this March than initially reported. The Labor Department said Wednesday that nearly two-thirds of the downward revision came […]


Walmart Says Tesla’s Solar Panels Caught Fire On Multiple Store Roofs

The retail giant is suing Tesla alleging breach of contract after fires on the roofs of at least seven stores. Walmart has claimed in a lawsuit that Tesla-supplied solar panels on the roofs at several of its stores caught fire because of the tech company’s “widespread, systemic negligence” and its “failure to live up to […]


Amazon just opened its biggest office building — and it’s not in the United States

Amazon just opened its biggest office building in the world in the Indian city of Hyderabad. The online retail giant’s new campus in the city’s financial district opened on Wednesday. It covers 9.5 acres and has 1.8 million square feet of office space, making it “Amazon’s single largest building in the world in terms of […]


Recession Warnings Grow As Stocks Slide Following Weak Economic Data From China, Germany

Investors are worried that the trade war between the U.S. and China may drag on through 2020 and cause more economic damage. Stocks fell sharply Wednesday after the bond market raised another warning flag on the economy. The yield on the 10-year Treasury briefly dropped below the two-year Treasury’s yield Wednesday morning for the first […]