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Hidden Gems To Discover In Italy

Italy’s most popular destinations—Rome, Venice, Florence, the Cinque Terre—are endlessly alluring, but in peak summer months they can be crowded and expensive as well. The country’s classic attractions—great art, architecture, food, wine, medieval villages and beautiful country landscapes—can be found outside its famous spots, but where are the best places to go that are affordable […]


Single polypill reduces risk of heart attacks and strokes, study finds

A cheap, single pill taken once a day that combines four common drugs is safe and reduces the risk of events such as heart attacks, strokes and sudden death in people over the age of 50, research has found. The study, the first large-scale trial to date, looked at the effectiveness of a so-called polypill […]


High blood pressure shrinks your brain, study finds

Faster increases in blood pressure between the ages of 36 and 43 linked to smaller brain volume. High blood pressure in middle age and large increases between your 30s and 40s are linked to poorer brain health post-retirement, a new study suggests. Those whose blood pressure was higher at the age of 53, and had […]


Woman bedridden for two years by Lyme disease from tick bite

A woman went from living the “best years of her life” to almost two years of illness and seclusion in a bedroom because of a tick bite. Yen Lau, 32, from Glasgow, got Lyme disease after being bitten on a camping trip on a small island on Loch Lomond. She was unaware of the risk […]


How to refuel after a workout on a vegan diet

Refueling after a workout is really important. When you push your body you deplete stores of energy and water that you need to replace in order to allow your muscles to recover efficiently. If you don’t get enough protein, nutrients and carbohydrates after fitness – that can make you feel really rubbish. Which isn’t what […]


Older adults can boost longevity ‘with just a little exercise’

Norwegian review of 36,000 cases links more activity overall, light or intensive, with lower risk of death Even a small increase in light activity, such as washing dishes, a little gentle gardening, or shuffling around the house, might help stave off an early death among older adults, researchers say. Being sedentary, for instance, by sitting […]